About Me:

My name is Aung (Zack) Thar. I’m a developer specializing in iOS apps. I’m currently the technical lead for the mobile team at Blizzard Entertainment. I enjoy learning and growing myself everyday. Most of the project you’ll see on this site are apps that I’ve created for myself that I wanted to share with the world. I hope you enjoy my apps as there will always be more to come!

Contact Info:
Email: SamuraiZack@gmail.com
Twitter: @SamuraiZack

My Apps:

Foodsy – Rate What You Eat
What Yelp does for restuarants is what Foodsy does for dishes. Users rate, track, and share dishes they ate. Users also gets points for their dishes and the user with the highest score gets a real physical prize (gift cards, swags, etc)
Official Site
App Store
Google Play

After Credits

Is the movie really over? An iOS application that tells if a movie has any during/after credits. Featured at least yearly on the app store with apps like Fandango, IMDB, AMC, Regal apps and was also featured on Good Day Sacramento
Official Site
App Store

Stickeys – Photo Stickers
Create iMessage stickers with your camera or photo library. Created overnight to test out the iMessage features of iOS 10
App Store

Leek – Secret Menu
Find the resturant’s secret…menu. Users add secret menu dishes to share with others. Created the app to learn animations and view transitions as well as making use of multiple and personal colors. No longer usable as the service has been taken down.
App Store

Hodor: Keyboard (1.0.0) (Rejected but that was fun =P)
An app I wanted to see if I could make it in one night. After a long one nighter, I was able to make this very nice and simple keyboard for iOS 8. I hope you enjoy!

Work Apps:

246x0w (3)
Overwatch League

246x0w (4)
Blizzard Battle.net

246x0w (2)
Blizzard Authenticator

246x0w (1)
BlizzCon Mobile

StarCraft WCS
Note: Current version is not what I developed

Overhauled previous app which was built on Titanium SDK and rebuilt the app from ground up. Improved performance to create a better experience for the users.
Note: App is not available anymore

IGN (3.0)
Improved the app to a more modern look. Added support for better sharing in the app. Note: Current version is not what I developed


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